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Here are the best practices to get the best for your logo. Get ready to launch your brand!

Design Logo

Step 1: Company Information

Get started by entering your company name. You have plenty room for creative brand name that will fit perfectly on any logo design.
After that select an industry category for your brand.

Step 2: Pick a logo!

Logocrisp has over 10,000 different designs to pick from. If you need help narrowing it down, select from one of our categories. We have a wide range of styles. Do you want a modern looking logo? A more traditional logo? You decide!

Step 3: Edit your logo

Design Logo

Once you select your favorite logo design, you can customize your logo using our easy-to-use editor. If you click on your logo you can rotate, change colors, move and scale it! Don't like your company name? If you select your company name you can edit the text, font style, font size, and you can move the entire text. If you feel like adding a slogan to your logo click on the A+ icon on the toolbar to add a new text box.
Take your time to make sure your logo is perfect when you're done!

Step 4: Save

You might find the toughest part of making a logo process is narrowing down your choices. Don't worry if you can't choose just one, Logocrisp allows you to create as many logos as you want!

After you're done editing, click on the Save button on your right to save it to your account. If you're looking to purchase your new logo, you can click on Download and you will receive the files you need to get your business started!

Where to use your new logo?

If you're unsure what to do with your new logo after purchasing and receiving the image files, check this list! Don't forget that you should always promote your brand online and offline.
  • Order merchandise with your logo printed over it! You can hand out pens when networking at events.
  • Put your logo on banners and billboards for everyone to see.
  • Create custom t-shirts, button downs and other promotional items for a special event or everyday use.
  • Never forget that you have to represent your brand online too. Build a company website that displays your logo proudly at the top of each page so everyone can identify your company online. Also, an important tip, never forget to purchase a domain name that is similar to your brand name.
  • Create business cards for you, your employees and your customers. Always remember to use them at community events or networking locations.
  • Don't forget to get a business email, a great aspect of having one is being able to add your company logo to your signature. This will make you stand out and looks more professional.

Use Logocrisp to create a logo design you'll love!

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