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The Evolution of the Coca-Cola Logo

One of the most recognizable brands that have ever existed is Coca-Cola. You won't find a single person in the world who doesn't know the Coca-Cola Brand. Very few will say that they never tasted the flavour of this amazing drink. Nowadays the Coca-Cola empire is worth over 80 billion dollars. One may wonder the importance of the coca-cola logo for this success and specifically, how it evolved through time and marketing trends.

The Origin of the Coca-Cola Brand Name

In 1886, John Pemberton, who was a pharmacist in Atlanta decided to make an experiment with a drink that was supposed to have healing effects. He ended up with a caramel-coloured liquid which was combined with carbonated water. This drink was available for sale on the Jacobs's Pharmacy for 5 cents a glass.

But the Coca-Cola name wasn't defined by John Pemberton but actually his bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, who thought that having two C's in a name would look amazing for marketing purposes. They have used the Spectarian Script font - We have this exact same font in our LogoCrisp Editor.

The 1st Coca-Cola Logo

The first ever Coca-Cola logo was simply the Brand Name with the Spectarian Script font and a small twist in the tail of the first C. It also has the Trademark wording in its tail. If you look at this logo, you will certainly see very big similarities with what the Coca-Cola logo is nowadays. This logo ran between 1887 to 1890.

The First Coca-Cola Logo Ever

The 2nd Coca-Cola Logo

For a single year only, a huge make-over is made in the Coca-Cola logo. It's ridiculously different from the brand you'd associate with Coa-Cola. This happened on the year of 1890 only. The makers didn't like the logo. Eventually the C's look like R's and the wording would be: "Roca-Rola". They have reverted very quickly to the Spectarian Script.

The Second Coca-Cola Logo

The 3rd Coca-Cola Logo

From 1941 and until the 1960s, the trademark wording disappeared from the C tail and went below the name.

The 3rd Coca-Cola Logo

The 4rd Coca-Cola Logo

From 1969, a shape is added below the brand name. It looks like a wave. This wave is still persistent today and many associate that wave with the Coca-Cola brand.

The 4th Coca-Cola Logo

The 5th Coca-Cola Logo

There were decades with minimal or no changes within the Coca-Cola logo. In 2003, though, Coca-Cola tweaked the white wave, adding some yellow colour, bubbles and a sort of tridimensionality.

The 5th Coca-Cola Logo

The 6th Coca-Cola Logo

It seems that over-complicating the logo ends up not paying off. Coca-Cola is in 2007 and is now famous not only for its main product, but also it's other versions such as Coca-Cola Light. It felt that keeping the classic brand would be the best idea. And therefore, they removed the bubbles, the yellow and grey and kept the simple, classic design.

The 6th Coca-Cola Logo

Nowadays Coca-Cola keeps using the default brand. If you scroll up and see the first logo design ever and the current logo design, very subtle changes have happened and a logo that was made over 100 years ago, is still recognized by over 7 billion people.

In practice, Coca-Cola used a simple font and implemented its brand over that font. It was almost a DIY work, just like what we propose our clients to do in LogoCrisp.

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