Many people around the world already thought about creating a youtube channel at least one time, specially when we all were on self-isolation. With more spare time than usual, the idea of creating video content about things that you love and making profit out of it looks more appealing than ever, leading many individuals to create youtube channels during quarantine.

However, along with creativity there are many other things that will help your content to get the attention it deserves, being one of them hard work and the other one a logo for youtube that represents your brand. Since not everyone has the design skills to create their own logo or the budget to pay for a designer, a free logo maker can be a huge help, giving you many icon options to choose from, showing you grids that will help your logo to be harmonic and offering you various image formats that can fit every social media assets, including a proper youtube logo size, ready to upload. Let’s begin with the tips that will help you create a winning logo for youtube:

  1. Icons Matter:

People usually fall for logos they can easily associate with the industry of the brand. So if you are already brain-storming which icon suits you best, start with this question: “What do I want my channel to be about?”. For example, if you want to create a cooking channel, try to choose icons that can be related to that, like a chef icon or even a fork and a knife… who knows? If you are afraid of being too over-the-top or even if you're having a creative block, you can use a free logo maker to see the options they offer you in your category. This is helpful even if you’re just searching for references of what will be the main look of your logotype.

1. Logos by Logo Crisp Team (Cooking Category);

2. Colors that Speak:

Now that it’s time to choose the colors of your brand, we will give you this major tip: try to stay away from the trendy colors or even your personal preferences, because those can change very quickly. Since there is no such thing as “popular colors” when talking about a logo for youtube, it is important to choose something that speaks the essence of what you are doing. The meaning behind the colors you choose is the main thing you should worry about, taking into account that the psychology of colors can improve a customer’s brand perception.

The number of colors on your logo is also important, especially because you don’t want to clutter the appearance of it with too much information. On the other hand, you don’t need to choose only one color, being the ideal number one to three shades. Avoid choosing colors that are contrasting, because it can look confusing very easily. A great tip is to search for color palettes related to your theme.

2. Photography by Calum Lewis via Unsplash, color palette by the Logo Crisp Team;

3. Clean Name, Clean Fonts:

When choosing the text you want next to your icon, try to go for your channel name or even your slogan. Don’t forget: “your brand should be easily associated with what you’re doing”. Although it looks easier, this task should not be underestimated. The way your icon and your font look together can emphasize the advantages of your logo and brand, while choosing a “messy” one can do the exact opposite, making your business look less trustable and evoke nasty feelings. 

3. Logo by Logo Crisp Team (Icon can be found in the Cooking Category);

Here are some font types and what they can say of your brand:

  1. Serif fonts like Times New Roman show that you have a professional logo for youtube, evoking respect, classic values, reliability and reverence.
  2. Sans Serif Fonts like Helvetica have a more modern look to it. If that is what you are looking for, your logotype will project neatness, modernism and originality.
  3. Script fonts like Bickham Script look hand-written and are great to communicate elegance and tenderness.
  4. Modern fonts like Futura are a very popular new-style, which stands for progress, elegance, decisiveness and lastly, style.
  5. Last but not least we have Display fonts. These are very uncommon to see on a logo for youtube,  since they are too bold to fit on a small circle, this meaning, a youtube logo size. This expresses emotional richness and friendliness. 

Now that we learned about different types of fonts, it’s important to know a few things: First, simple fonts are the best type to work, being very easy to reproduce, either on small banners or even on promotional materials. And lastly, do not go for a font just because it’s trendy. Like when talking about colors, you don’t want the appearance of your logo to be short-lived. Choose a font that will make your business prosper for many years, because what is popular in 2020 may not be popular in five years.

Now that we know how to build a professional logo for youtube, remember this key values:

When talking about logos less is more, and the meaning behind the word “timeless” it’s something that you should keep in mind during the design process, especially if you want to have a well-succeed youtube channel that will prosper for many years. Let’s design?

Save Time and Money 

Our Logo Maker takes the place of an expensive web design firm. Using the services of a designer would potentially cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Because our design team has already configured thousands of ready-to-customize pieces of artwork, the savings are exponential. And because our software team has programmed our app to allow you to use a variety of tools and effects including changing colors and fonts, you don’t need to learn Adobe Photoshop or a similar program. 

Here are the three simple steps to create your own logo: 

  1. TYPE IN YOUR NAME, company or product name 
  2. Click to CHOOSE CATEGORY or select All Logos then… 
  3. Click MAKE MY LOGO 
free logo maker
Image 1 - Process of starting your logo

The instant generator takes care of the rest. Voila! 
Within a few seconds, there will be thousands of colorful designs from which to choose and customize.  

Human Designers

LogoCrisp also offers a benefit which many other automated online systems do not offer. This is because other websites are 100% automated without support or graphic design staff. Using sites like those will only result in an impersonal experience. 

Enterprise Package where our designers make you a custom logo
Image 2 - Enterprise Package where our designers make you a custom logo.

Unlike apps running on autopilot, we have designers onboard who can customize your artwork choice beyond the capabilities of the editing features onsite.  
You will receive a quote before we begin the work when you inquire.  


Your artistic creation can be used both online and offline. Be sure to choose the appropriate size and format.  Many of the emblems our app generates are destined for the top social media platforms:  Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, Whatsapp and Instagram. However, we hear from users all the time who have featured the designs created via on signs, t-shirts, water bottles, pens, keychains, bumper stickers and more. Think of all the places your emblem or insignia can be showcased. 
Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a symbol which carries more impact on a physical item versus a virtual item.  

Personalized Service

LogoCrisp offers personalized Logo Maker service. If you aren’t sure what parameters you need to follow in order to make your final selection, consult expert articles on our blog or consult customer service staff who can answer your questions via email.
You can also maintain all of your selections and user history on your password secured account. 
It’s so easy to see that we take great pride in offering a superior customer experience.   

When choosing a free logo online, what can you learn from the big corporations like Coke, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon and Nike?  When viewing a corporate emblem or product insignia, people derive a lot of information from these designs at a glance. 
These designs may initiate feelings and impressions, positive or negative, as visual images carry subliminal emotional signals.  

Logos from Famous Brands
Image 1 - Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola and McDonalds logo

When you are looking to choose a free logo maker, you need to keep in mind that your artwork choice is very crucial.  It needs to be memorable.  It needs to communicate a message in seconds. 
Additionally, keep in mind that your design may induce feelings in the minds of new and existing customers.
One feeling you want to induce is excitement. Excited customers will want to make a connection with you and to purchase your goods or services.  

When viewing choices on a free logo maker, you will probably narrow down your choice to several different options. You might want to take a cue from the big corporations and test market these options via social media before making a final selection.  Big corporations engage focus groups to give their opinions on new products and comment on the possible graphic design to tie into these products. The marketing gurus at these companies know that once you launch a new product, it’s extremely difficult to swap to a different emblem without confusing your customers or your audience.  

choose color for your logo
Image 2 - Colors are deeply connected with emotions

When testing your potential artwork, you may want to ask for emotional responses to the images. Ask if an image makes them feel happy, intrigue or excited… Don’t be dissuaded if you receive a few neutral responses.  A neutral response when testing a logo may simply reflect that test subjects have not experienced the actual product in order to create a positive memory association.
However, positive emotional responses are always better!  

Think of it this way: A is your company, product or service + B is your logo = C is the desired result 

The desired result is what you want from the combination of your company, product or service plus logo. You may not always be able to measure the exact results, but if you see an increase in sales or in the engagement you are seeking, you will know your logo choice is a success!
Think of your free logo online as the easiest method to produce new sales, repeat business and garner brand loyalty.   

While having multiple options are a good thing, sometimes it can get quite difficult to figure out which is the best for your business. Some advice before you pick your plan: don’t stress about it too much. You can change plans at any time by contacting our customer support and you just have to pay the difference to upgrade your package! A great solution if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

1. Assess What You Currently Have

Take a notepad and start writing down all your ideas for your brand. How do you picture your logo when you think about your company? What colors do you have in your mind? Do you find inspiration from an already existing logo?

During this step, you need to answer some questions to yourself and make sure your ideas make sense to you altogether. You need to figure out how do you picture your company, so maybe it is a good idea to have a brainstorm to get all those ideas out (even if there are some bad ones). Make a list of words that describe your brand and how you want it to be perceived. Think like a person who belongs in your target demographic and tries to remember what’s important to them.

Never forget to check out your competition, check out what’s already out there, what works well with their audience and what you should avoid. Be sure to set yourself apart from the competition.

2. Set Your Budget

Before picking a plan, you’ll need to figure out how much you can realistically spend. How much should a logo design cost? There is no average logo design cost! For every designer who charges $300 for a logo design, there’s someone else who charges $10000. You’ll also quickly realize that high prices don’t always equal high quality.

There’s a lot to think about so what’s the best way to go about building a graphic design budget?

  • Estimate your monthly income
  • List your fixed design expenses
  • List your variable design expenses
  • Anticipate your one-time design expenses
  • Create a budget

Once you know your creative needs and have an idea of how much you are able to allocate toward design expenses, you can start researching the best design solutions for your budget.

3. Compare and Pick Plans

This is the part where things can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t have that much knowledge about graphic design.

As you will realize instantly, different plans offer different features.

professional logo subscriptions

Image 1 - LogoCrisp  Pricing Plans

Up and coming businesses and startups will sway towards the Business and Deluxe Plans. The biggest companies that want a custom solution for their logos will pick the Enterprise plan.

If you’re looking into the features, when you look at the Business plan, it is ideal for someone who is just starting and wants a cheaper and simple solution maintaining high quality. 

When you’re thinking about getting the Deluxe plan, you should consider if you’re going to use the Social Media to market yourself out there or/and if you’re going to be using vector files to print anything from business cards to billboards signs (vector files don’t lose quality when resized).

In case you’re looking for a custom solution for your logo design you should pick the Enterprise plan which allows you to have direct contact with our expert graphic designer, this is a valuable asset to have.

Always keep in mind that having someone who has made a career by doing this on a daily basis is a big contribution to your company and can end up being a deciding factor for your customers!


After you’ve decided on your logo design and had the chance to use for a while, you may want to reassess your needs so don’t forget you can always upgrade your package. Also, if there’s any detail you want to change in your logo you can always contact our customer support because there’s no better place for you to be asking for assistance than with us!

Did you know that most logo designs are a combination of typography and images? Each type of logo gives your brand a different feel. Now let’s make sure you get it right!
Here are the 7 types of logos you want to know about:

  • Monogram logos
  • Wordmarks
  • Pictorial Marks
  • Abstract Logo Marks
  • Mascots
  • Combination Mark
  • The Emblem

Monogram Logos — Lettermark

These designs usually consist of letters, most commonly brand initials. HBO, HP, IBM… these are all initialism of some famous businesses with long names!

Since they all use their initials for brand-identification, it makes perfect sense for them to use monograms to represent their company.

Monogram Logos — Lettermark
Image 1 - HBO and Louis Vuitton logo (left to right)

A lettermark is a typography logo made up by a few letters. It’s conceptually all about simplicity. A perfect example of this is NASA, how much easier is it to say and remember than National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Wordmarks — Logotypes

This is a type of design which is very similar to a lettermark, a wordmark is a font based logo that focuses on the company name alone.

Wordmarks — Logotypes
Image 2 - Vans and Coca-Cola logo

Great examples of this would be Visa, Coca-Cola or Google which have a strong typography which helps to create strong brand recognition.

Since the focus will be on the company name, there should be a typography which captures the essence of your brand.

Pictorial Marks — Logo Symbols

A pictorial mark is a graphic based logo design. When you think of the brand name you always associate the image: Apple Logo, the Twitter logo etc…

Pictorial Marks — Logo Symbols
Image 3 - Apple and Twitter logo

The biggest issue to consider when going for a pictorial mark is what image to choose. This is something that will stick with your company its entire existence.

Abstract Logo Mark

Instead of having a recognizable image, you have an abstract geometric form that represents your business. There are some famous examples: Pepsi, Adidas, BP…

Playstation abstract logo
Image 4 - Playstation and Nike logo

This works great because it condenses your brand into a single image. However, instead of being restricted to a picture of something recognizable, abstract logos allow to create something unique.

The main benefit is being able to convey what your company does symbolically. Through colour and form, you can shape meaning and cultivate emotion around your brand.


Often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, but always really fun, the mascot logo is a great way to create your very own brand character. Mascot logos involve creating an illustrated character for your brand image.

Mascots logos
Image 5 - Cheetos and Pringles logo

You should think of them as the ambassador of your business. Famous mascots include Pringles, KFC and , of course, Cheetos!

Combination Mark

A combination mark is a logo comprised of a combined wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark or mascot.

The picture and text can be laid out in any way. Some well known combination mark logos include Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste.

Combination Mark logotype
Image 6 - Adidas and Lacoste logo

Usually this happens when the name is associated with the image, a combination mark is a versatile choice. People will begin to associate your name with your pictorial mark right away!

The Emblem

These logos tend to have a traditional appearance about them that can make a striking impact, these usually are a choice for many organizations, government agencies and schools.

They usually consist of font inside a symbol or icon, it helps if you think about badges, seals and crests.

Usually these lean towards higher detail, they can also be less versatile than the other mentioned types of logos.

If you plan on using one, don’t forget to think there will come times where you will have to scale your logo up and down so make it more on the simple side.

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