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How to make a logo for your brand?

Making a logo for your brand and product for the first time might be very challenging and can make you opt to outsource this work to a professional. Nonetheless, the pricing of a logo made by a professional would be very high if you are just starting up.

Your logo however is a fundamental piece of your brand.

I have been in your shoes. I have created a company previously and I know that making a logo generated high upfront costs that could be otherwise spent on tools to manage the business or on marketing to generate the first sales. My advice is simple: Spend Wisely! Do it Yourself whenever you can.

With the technology provided by Logo Crisp, you can do it right away in a minimalistic and straight forward process. In the end, you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars in logo design.

In this article, I am going to show you 4 different ways to make a logo with Logo Crisp in a few minutes.

Make a logo with Text & Ready-made Logos

Here at Logo Crisp, we call this process of making a logo with text & ready-made pictures to be the standard creation method. This methodology is directly provided by the platform. And there are the steps:

  • Insert your company name
Insert Company Name
  • Define the sector where your company operates.
Define Company Sector
  • In less than a few seconds, several options with a text & ready-made logo solutions will show up.
Select your logo
  • Select the one that pleases you the most. Feel free to edit and preview before downloading it.
Edit Logo

Make a Text Only Logo

You can follow the same process mentioned in the example above, but in the end, you may opt to remove the pre-made picture and keep it as a text-only logo.

These types of logos work very well for the fashion, design and creative industry. We provide over 40 fonts, nonetheless, you can reach our team if you are looking for a very specific font. We'll gladly edit your logo and provide in the font you desire.

  • When you reach the editor, remove the premade logo.
Logo Editor
  • Choose any new font you may want.
Change font on your logo
  • Preview and Save.
Preview Logo.

Develop a logo searching our Library of Icons

We have a library of over 100 thousands icons that can be used to generate any type of logo in 2D. You can simply search for a keyword and several logo solutions will pop-up. Choose the one you like and edit it accordingly.

  • When you reach the editor, remove any not-needed materials
Removing Icons
  • Then search on the left bar for an icon
Adding Icon
  • Align it according to your needs.
Align Logo
  • Preview and Save.

Preview Logo

Upload your own image for your logo

Let's assume that you already have a logo, but you need to add text to it. Logo Crisp is again the best choice for it. You can upload from your computer any image in PNG or JPG and use it for your logo.

  • When you reach the editor, remove any materials that you don't want.
make logo for your brand
  • On the left bar, use the option to upload an image.
upload new image to create logo
  • Align according to your needs.
how to delete image in logocrpisp
  • Preview and Save.
logo examples made by logocrisp

With these 4 ways, you can build amazing logos for your company. Therefore, I'd like to ask you: What are you waiting for?

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