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The Benefits of using a Logo Maker

Save Time and Money 

Our Logo Maker takes the place of an expensive web design firm. Using the services of a designer would potentially cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Because our design team has already configured thousands of ready-to-customize pieces of artwork, the savings are exponential. And because our software team has programmed our app to allow you to use a variety of tools and effects including changing colors and fonts, you don’t need to learn Adobe Photoshop or a similar program. 

Here are the three simple steps to create your own logo: 

  1. TYPE IN YOUR NAME, company or product name 
  2. Click to CHOOSE CATEGORY or select All Logos then… 
  3. Click MAKE MY LOGO 
free logo maker
Image 1 - Process of starting your logo

The instant generator takes care of the rest. Voila! 
Within a few seconds, there will be thousands of colorful designs from which to choose and customize.  

Human Designers

LogoCrisp also offers a benefit which many other automated online systems do not offer. This is because other websites are 100% automated without support or graphic design staff. Using sites like those will only result in an impersonal experience. 

Enterprise Package where our designers make you a custom logo
Image 2 - Enterprise Package where our designers make you a custom logo.

Unlike apps running on autopilot, we have designers onboard who can customize your artwork choice beyond the capabilities of the editing features onsite.  
You will receive a quote before we begin the work when you inquire.  


Your artistic creation can be used both online and offline. Be sure to choose the appropriate size and format.  Many of the emblems our app generates are destined for the top social media platforms:  Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, Whatsapp and Instagram. However, we hear from users all the time who have featured the designs created via LogoCrisp.com on signs, t-shirts, water bottles, pens, keychains, bumper stickers and more. Think of all the places your emblem or insignia can be showcased. 
Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a symbol which carries more impact on a physical item versus a virtual item.  

Personalized Service

LogoCrisp offers personalized Logo Maker service. If you aren’t sure what parameters you need to follow in order to make your final selection, consult expert articles on our blog or consult customer service staff who can answer your questions via email.
You can also maintain all of your selections and user history on your password secured account. 
It’s so easy to see that we take great pride in offering a superior customer experience.   

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