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The Importance of Good Logo Design

Quote from Paul Rand’s book Thoughts on Design
Image 1 - Quote from Paul Rand’s book Thoughts on Design (1947)

When you’re starting a new company, following a project or just testing a concept, you might not think about designing a logo immediately.
This makes sense considering everything else you have to figure out, including what’s the name of your business, how it will operate and all the scheduling to do it.
As you get closer to the launch, the need of a logo will eventually appear, especially when you’re making your website or thinking about your business cards. Even then, you might think you can delay this task.
Here’s the thing: putting a visual on what you’re doing brings your idea to life and communicates it in a way that words can’t.
The importance of a logo is that it gives your business an identity, makes your brand stickier, provides a foundation for your future branding efforts …and more! In other words, a logo is the building block of your visual brand and is an asset you can use to connect with your audience right away.
It gives your company an identity.
As famed designer Paul Rand writes “a logo doesn’t sell, it identifies

Shape it to your Brand

The symbolism behind shapes can create a message on its own and you should be aware of this, it will help you immensely.
Let’s think of a cybersecurity company who uses a shield on their logo, immediately makes you think of security and strength. Logos are supposed to reflect a company’s brand identity, and most of the successful business have done this correctly.
A few more examples would be, if you think of circular or oval shapes, these can create a sense of community, unity or friendship.

logo design example
Image 2 - Logos from left to right: Burger King, Tide and NASA

Also, triangles, squares and rectangles often imply masculinity, power or strength and can be found in science and technology logos.

Power of the colour

Colours are just as powerful as shapes, if not more. Not only can they make your logo pop, but if used wisely, the right colours can evoke an emotional response or connection with your audience.Many brands use this method to appeal to their target audience subconsciously. Usually companies who want their brand associated to nature, growth or safety may choose a green tone. Blue is often a colour associated with cleanliness, health or technology while yellow can be associated with joy and cheerfulness.
You should consider making a good use of this since this can help you out defining your target audience.

logo design example 2
Image 3 - Logos from left to right: Starbucks, Twitter and Chupa Chups

Versatility is a must

Nowadays, you have to ensure that your logo is easily adjustable to several sizes, especially online where there’s a wide range of uses and formats on social media

сoca cola logo design
Image 4 - Responsive Coca-Cola design

It’s absolutely necessary for you to have your logo designed in vector format, making it easily scalable and editable. This will make it easy for you to scale your logo without losing any quality, no matter if it’s on a website or in any of your merchandise.
A poor quality logo is not something that looks professional, so be sure to have your logo in a vector format.

Get a Professional

Costs for a new brand or company can be incredibly high, so it’s really common for most people to look for what can be cut to save up some money. Perhaps someone has a nephew or a friend who did graphic design as a hobby and could probably produce a great logo for super cheap.  Alternatively, the owner thought that maybe it was an easy task and started to design a logo themselves. These examples usually can lead to time being wasted and significant headaches.

Unless someone has experience in graphic design or is educated in that area, chances are their skills in logo designing won’t be that up to par.

You should look up a professional, check out online to see graphic design companies or freelance graphic designers to gain an idea of what their portfolio looks like. Don’t forget that this can quickly turn to be a very lengthy process. Don’t forget that you’re looking for a high quality logo, this will save you some money in the future.

So... what makes a good logo design?

That’s the million bucks question, isn’t it? We have covered a range of tips, but it comes down to how you can communicate your brand’s idea.

The goal of creating a good logo design for your company is to trigger an emotional connection to your actual product or service among your intended audience.

You want your logo to define your company quickly but do so originally and creatively, setting you apart from competitors.

The best companies recognize what groups they are trying to attract, whether kids or adults, males or females and create an appealing, representative design to cater to that audience.

Spending time and money on acquiring a professional graphic designer with creativity and sufficient logo design knowledge will save you time, worry and money in the long run.

Be involved in the creative design process to ensure you get a logo you love, and that will best represent your brand or company while being entirely original.

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