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DIY: How to make a Flyer with LogoCrisp?

LogoCrisp is the perfect website to build a logo, but it also features several hidden tools that allow you to build other types of assets. You could easily make flyers or leaflets that would be ready to go to the printing shop.

Let's assume that you own a company that sells amazing waffles and you are looking to have a special promotion at 1$ for a mini-waffle.

Here's how your waffles look like:

Waffles picture

Now, Simple go to LogoCrisp Homepage and write down some random text, select a random category and a random logo. Lastly, go to the Editor.

make flyer with logo maker

You are now in the editor. Here, you are able to completely re-do your design. You can remove the text, remove the logo and start from scratch. Here's we are going to use the left bar to select an icon of a waffle add it to the editor:

LogoCrisp Editor

I will also add a large square icon that will serve as an orientation for the leaflet and will allow me to actually have a background in my logo:

LogoCrisp Editor

I have made some changes:

  1. I have changed the colour of the background to a softer one.
  2. I have added a new text with the company name.
  3. I have added a new text with some incentive for my clients to buy today.

Overall, I have kept it very simple. Lastly, I've uploaded my image of a Waffle and aligned everything to the centre.

Here is the final result:

LogoCrisp Preview Image

The next step would be Saving and Buying this single asset and printing flyers all over the stress to sell my waffles.

I took a total of 5 minutes to make this flyer with LogoCrisp!

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