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Choosing a Logo – Learn from the Big Corporations

When choosing a free logo online, what can you learn from the big corporations like Coke, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon and Nike?  When viewing a corporate emblem or product insignia, people derive a lot of information from these designs at a glance. 
These designs may initiate feelings and impressions, positive or negative, as visual images carry subliminal emotional signals.  

Logos from Famous Brands
Image 1 - Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola and McDonalds logo

When you are looking to choose a free logo maker, you need to keep in mind that your artwork choice is very crucial.  It needs to be memorable.  It needs to communicate a message in seconds. 
Additionally, keep in mind that your design may induce feelings in the minds of new and existing customers.
One feeling you want to induce is excitement. Excited customers will want to make a connection with you and to purchase your goods or services.  

When viewing choices on a free logo maker, you will probably narrow down your choice to several different options. You might want to take a cue from the big corporations and test market these options via social media before making a final selection.  Big corporations engage focus groups to give their opinions on new products and comment on the possible graphic design to tie into these products. The marketing gurus at these companies know that once you launch a new product, it’s extremely difficult to swap to a different emblem without confusing your customers or your audience.  

choose color for your logo
Image 2 - Colors are deeply connected with emotions

When testing your potential artwork, you may want to ask for emotional responses to the images. Ask if an image makes them feel happy, intrigue or excited… Don’t be dissuaded if you receive a few neutral responses.  A neutral response when testing a logo may simply reflect that test subjects have not experienced the actual product in order to create a positive memory association.
However, positive emotional responses are always better!  

Think of it this way: A is your company, product or service + B is your logo = C is the desired result 

The desired result is what you want from the combination of your company, product or service plus logo. You may not always be able to measure the exact results, but if you see an increase in sales or in the engagement you are seeking, you will know your logo choice is a success!
Think of your free logo online as the easiest method to produce new sales, repeat business and garner brand loyalty.   

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