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Our online logo editor lets you customize hundreds of logo templates for your business. Signs, business cards, T-shirts, bottles, labels, and more may display the best logos. Our logo generator is free, and you can generate your own logo and alter the spacing, font size, and other design elements to make it seem good. Logo generator is free. Logo creator is also simple.

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8 types of Logos (LogoTypes) And how to use them

Logos represent your company’s identity. Logos come in 8 varieties, which you may not know.

Logos may be unfamiliar to you. Look around you—one there’s in the upper right corner of your screen, possibly one on your shoe, and many more.

No matter how big they are on a bus or little on our screens, these brand identifiers are vital to every organization. They represent a brand and distinguish it from its competitors. A successful logo should accurately represent the brand and company identity, be easy to recall, and work well in various circumstances.

Despite using graphics and typography, your company’s identity can be expressed in different ways depending on the logo you choose. Your logo is also your company’s initial impression, so get it right. How do you choose the best logo for your business? You should know these eight logo types:

When designing a logo, consider its various configurations. Nine types of logos exist, from a single graphic symbol to plain text or combinations of the two. Below are some tips on how to successfully combine these logo types.

1. Pictorial marks also called logo symbols & Brand Marks

Starbucks Logo
McDonalds logo

A pictorial mark, often known as a brand mark or logo sign, is a graphic logo. When you think “logo,” you probably picture the Apple logo, the Twitter bird, or the Target bullseye. Each logo and brand is so iconic that the symbol alone is instantly recognizable. Brand marks are only images. New companies or those without substantial brand recognition may find it difficult to employ this logo type.

Make sure your logo design is ageless and that your symbol evolves with your brand. You don’t want to have to redesign your logo months later because you designed a trendy graphical logo.

These logos strike a strong tone. A well-designed logo can become remembered as your company grows.

2. Monogram logos also called Lettermarks

Chanel logo
hp logo

Monogram logos are lettermarks, usually brand initials. IBM, CNN, HP, HBO Seeing a pattern? Some renowned companies with long names are their initialisms. For brand identification, they use their initials. Thus, monograms—also called lettermark logos—are appropriate for their organizations.

In several businesses, brands abbreviate their names. If you’re within those, a lettermark logo may be best. Brands with extensive names often use lettermarks to shorten their names.

A lettermark, generally a company’s initials, is a typography-based logo. Simplicity defines the lettermark. Lettermark logos simplify long corporate names with a few letters. How much easier is NASA to say and remember than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration?

Since initials are the focus, the font you choose (or design) is crucial to making sure your logo is on-brand and legible on business cards. If you’re a new business, include your entire name underneath the logo so people can get to know you.

3. Emblems

Harley davidson logo
porsche logo

Emblems (badge logos) resemble crests. Text and symbols create ornate, traditional designs.

Consider your industry while choosing a logo. University, sports, and coffee brands use this sort of logo. Modern logos often include vector imagery and crisp lines.

Emblems can accommodate a brand tagline. Emblems might be less adaptable and less effective on a smaller scale due to their detailed detailing. In those circumstances, simplify.

4. Combination Marks

burger king
amazon logo

This logo uses words and visuals. An icon with a wordmark, a mascot with a letterform, etc., is a combination logo. Some brands use a combination mark as their main logo, sometimes separating the text and images for different circumstances.

Combination marks are adaptable, so brands from different industries use them. While maintaining a consistent visual language, you can make several logo variations and utilize them for diverse purposes. Lacoste employs their combo logo on their website design, while most of their products solely show the beloved green crocodile.

Combination marks can help new brands build recognition. You’ll eventually be able to use merely text or icon without losing recognition. Icons, symbols, and other images assist potential buyers comprehend your brand.

5. Wordmarks also called logotypes

coca cola
disney logo
google logo

Wordmarks (logotypes) are the company name in a specific typeface. Steve Jobs stated, “Simple might be harder than complex.” Pay attention to every aspect to learn logo design.

Like a lettermark logo, typography will be crucial. Since your name will be the centerpiece, choose a font—or create one—that expresses your business’s spirit. Fashion labels utilize crisp, elegant typefaces that feel high-end, while legal and government institutions usually use conventional, “heavier” text that feels secure.

Here are several wordmark—or text logo—options. Coca-Cola creates a logo typeface. This takes time and a professional designer. You can also choose a logo typeface that fits your brand. Modern logo designs use clean sans serif fonts, whereas fashionable logo designs may use more ornate typefaces. Choose full caps, small letters, or a mix, and add special characters or color to your logo.

Since their logo will appear in all marketing materials, wordmarks are perfect for firms with catchy names or those looking to get their name out there.

6. Letterform logos

Nintendo logo
Visa logo
Youtube logo

Letterform logos use the company’s first letter. As mentioned above, brands often have a wordmark or logotype (complete business name) version of their logo for special events.

Scalable letterform logos are small. If they have a clean, uncluttered design, they’ll be identifiable even in little sizes. They are great for app icons, favicons, social media profile pictures, and more.

Letterform logos work nicely for well-known brands. Your company’s name may be hard to remember otherwise. Long-named brands benefit too.

7. Mascot Logos

KFC logo
Michelin logo
pringles logo

Mascot logos are illustrated brand “ambassadors.” They can be real individuals or fictional animals as long as they match the brand.

Mascots can help customers connect with your brand because people instinctively relate to others. Mascots may give your logo a pleasant, whimsical feel, which is why companies targeting children and families use them. If your firm needs a mascot, consider how to use it to communicate.

A company mascot is a cartoon character. They represent your company. The Colonel, Mr. Peanut, and Kool-Aid Man are famous mascots. Mascots help organizations establish a family-friendly ambiance by appealing to children. Mascots at sporting events create fantastic audience interaction!

Mascots are pleasant, engaging, and good for social media and marketing initiatives. However, they generally have more elements than a normal logo, thus favicons and business cards may need a simplified version.

8. Dynamic Mark Logos

mtv logo
Doritos logo
Nickelodeon logo

Dynamic logos can take numerous shapes, making them unique when choosing a logo. Dynamic logos are adaptable because they break the rule of logo uniformity. Dynamic logos thrive on consistency. These logos need a fundamental structure that acts as the logo’s core motif.

For instance, when you open your Google browser, the wordmark logo is instantly distinguished by historical people, holidays, or events, but you still know it’s Google. Their brand has enough power to change their logo into relevant and timely combinations that reinforce their brand messaging.

Hillary Clinton’s “H” is another dynamic mark logo. The logo’s patriotic red, white, and blue color palette has evolved into numerous additional forms, which effectively communicated her campaign message and principles.

Both of these examples demonstrate that a dynamic logo is not merely a haphazard collection of icons or images, but a planned design approach that effectively expresses a brand’s values.

Dynamic brands benefit most. This logo may be ideal for creative professionals who want to keep current. However, don’t overdo logo changes because you want buyers to maintain favorable brand connotations. Consistency is essential, regardless of your logo.

How to Create a Logo with a Logo Maker

Creating a professional-looking logo has never been easier than with LogoCrisp.
Get a quick brand identity by following these simple instructions.

Enter your Company Name

Start by putting in your company’s name and choosing the industry you work in. With Logo Crisp you can also add a slogan to your logo design. Do you have a catchy slogan? Then use it! Done? Select “show my designs”

Pick A Logo Template

Our logo maker will make designs for you that are appropriate for your business. Check out the generate logos and pick the logo design template you like best to start customizing in our easy to use logo creator. No need to rush! So Take your time to select the best logo design, because logo crisp is free to use!

Personalize logo design & Download it!

With LogoCrisp’s free logo creator, you’ll be surprised at what you can do with a simple logo design template. In addition to the company name and tagline, you can also add fonts, shapes, color backgrounds, gradients, your own image, and colors to create a logo that fits your ideas of an outstanding brand. Logo creation is free, so take your time! Satisfied with your logo design? Then download your logo right away so you can use it on your website, social media profiles, business cards, and other advertising materials.

A logo is more than just a small symbol or mark; it’s your brand identity and shows what your business is all about. A logo could be an image, some words, or a mix of both. The Logo Crisp logo maker is a free tool that lets you make your own beautiful logos in just a few minutes. Remember that when you carefully use a logo generator or designer to make your own logo, it acts as a catalyst that helps you promote your brand. A well-designed logo is important for any brand that wants to stick in the minds of its target audience. Whether it’s made with a logo creator online tool or by a designer, a logo should be simple, classic, and visually appealing. That way, your customers will remember your brand. Simple things have a lasting effect because they are easy to remember. With our logo maker, you can get hundreds of simple layouts that you can change to suit your needs.

Using a logo generator or designer to make a strong company logo helps people remember the brand. Before using the logo maker tool, you should know who you’re trying to reach and what they like. And only then should you use a logo maker to make your own logo, keeping these things in mind. Choose a professional design that is simple, easy to remember, adaptable, and relevant. To get the right brand message across, you also need to pay attention to color theory, font, and what symbols mean. What do you know? All of these features are included in our logo maker, so you can make a logo that is perfect for your brand. You don’t need to know how to code or design to use the DIY logo creator tool. When you get to the part where you choose the colors, the logo maker tells you what each color means. Choose a color that fits the purpose of your business, use our online logo maker, and move on. Don’t forget that all brands use color psychology, so you should too.

Keep your design simple, even if you use an online logo generator. Remember that a simple logo, whether created by a logo maker or designer, is self-explanatory and easy to recognize from a distance. You may want to use your logo in a variety of places, such as business cards, screens, signage boards, labels, packaging, and so on. So, even if you create a logo with an online logo maker, it must make sense and express your brand value, just like other well-known brands. Furthermore, you should be aware of the most recent logo trends in your industry. Your brand and logo should complement one another. Consider the various types of logos displayed by a logo maker, and then select the one that best meets your needs. Going for simplicity is the best bet you can make. A complicated logo may confuse your audience. They might not understand what you’re trying to say. So, use Logo Crisp’s online logo maker to create a logo that is simple and easy to understand.

When it comes to your brand, it is important to make a good first impression. And the quality of your logo will ultimately define the initial impression you give out.

Customers are more likely to feel confident in your business when you have a professionally created logo. On the other side, if your company’s logo is poorly designed, potential clients may decide to do business with one of your rivals instead.

Why are Logo Colors Important?

If the colors or layout of a poorly designed logo are executed poorly, the effects of a low-quality logo can be reinforced across multiple channels, such as social media, the web, and print.

Why is it important to have a good logo design?

People may be dissuaded from trying your brand despite the fact that you may have the best product or service in your market if your logo looks like it was designed by a novice.

On the other hand, an effectively designed company logo can do the following:

  • Grab potential clients’ attention. The average person has a short attention span. A compelling logo can draw the viewer’s attention and immediately express the values of your brand.
  • Make you recognizable. Your company’s logo should serve as the cornerstone of your brand identification.
  • It can help customers remember your business. It is stated that in order for people to remember your brand, they need to view your logo between five and seven times.
    Develop your customers’ sense of loyalty.Before consumers engage with your company in any way, a trustworthy relationship may be established with them through the use of a professional logo. Even though a logo can’t do the work of your products and services on its own, it can act as a helpful reminder for customers who have had positive interactions with your company in the past.

    Why do you need a strong online Brand identity?

    Without a strong brand identity, a company, and especially a small one, will struggle to succeed. It has the potential to make you more memorable, to articulate your unique selling offer, and to link you with your audience, all of which can lead to improved customer retention and sales in the long run.